Variances & Authorizations


QRConcepts streamlines the Variance and Authorization process...

Simply upload the physician's request, with supporting documentation and/or pertinent medical records, directly to our QRC-Exchange Portal.  Our professional staff will review all and render sound, defensible medical recommendations.


Our professional medical staff has evaluated  thousands of variances since the inception of the Medical Treatment Guidelines in 2010, and many more C4-Authorizations before that.  We have had great success with our decisions because our evaluations are thorough, and our qualified medical professionals clearly document the rationale for their decisions.


Each variance or authorization request is evaluated on “best practice” principles and documented treatment efficacy.  Our goals are to maintain continuity of effective  care and to prevent treatment that is ineffective, questionable or unproven.  Our efficient turnaround time contributes to expeditious recovery and return to work.

Contact us to learn about our QRC-Exchange Portal and simplify your Variance/Authorization request process: